I am a biogeochemist and ecosystem ecologist with broad interests in understanding the functioning of ecosystems, how ecosystems respond to environmental change, and how processes in one ecosystem can affect surrounding systems. Most of the Wetland Biogeochemistry Lab's research takes place in tidal wetlands, an important component of the hydrological continuum that stretches from non-tidal rivers through tidal estuarine waters to the coastal ocean, although my intellectual interests span aquatic to terrestrial environments and freshwater to marine habitats. Depending on the research question, my work considers scales from microbial interactions to the effects of ecosystems on global climate.

The following sections describe the major focal areas in the lab right now. There is undeniably some overlap between the individual focal areas (e.g., saltwater intrusion is caused by sea level rise but both are treated separately below). I hope that the rationale for this (somewhat artificial) splitting of interrelated research topics becomes apparent. Without further ado, please explore the lab's current research projects: